A travel event
unlike anything the world
has ever seen.

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GX is a feel-good celebration of travel and the profound impact it can have on the communities we travel to. It’s about bringing our communities together, from all four corners of the world, in the name of Community Tourism.

Together, we’ll explore the must-see sights of our host destination (GX 2023 was in Peru!) and learn from the who’s-who of the travel industry on how we can use tourism to drive positive change in the world.

Here’s what you can expect at this multi-day event: a world-class speaker series, access to community engagement projects, live entertainment, top-notch meals, and, wait for it, an incredible party (or two!) you’ll be hard-pressed to forget. GX is, after all, about changing the world and having a damn good time while you’re at it.

The EXperience.

An unforgettable adventure. Extra inspiring talks. One unreal party. Mix it all together — you’ve got GX.

Explore the land

Get up close and personal with the most iconic, sought-after sights in all of the land. Check out the local watering holes, witness iconic landmarks, go off the beaten path and explore the unexplored — all with the comfort of your travel group.

Expand your mind

Learn about the power of Community Tourism from key travel industry change-makers — including Bruce Poon Tip. Transform your teachings into action by visiting local Community Tourism projects and getting to know the stories behind the people and places we visit. 

Network, connect, and boogie

Rub shoulders with the who’s-who of the travel world. Connect with people from all over the globe who share a deep love for travel that changes the world. Grab your dancing shoes and toast to Community Tourism with a top-notch party — or two.

The Speakers.

Take a look at our past roster of speakers.

Bruce Poon Tip

Founder of G Adventures and Planeterra

Jamie Sweeting

President of Planeterra

Jessica Nabongo

Global Citizen, Master Storyteller, and Travel Expert

Tysonn Mayr

TV Presenter, Producer, Adventure Photographer, and Travel Expert

Mario Rigby

Trailblazing Eco-Explorer, Motivational Speaker, and Global Connector

Thomas Armitt

Global Manager of Projects & Partnerships at Planeterra

JoAnna Haugen

Award-Winning Writer, Speaker, Consultant, and Solutions Advocate

Dayvee Sutton

Two-time National Emmy Award winning journalist and a travel contributor and on-air expert to NBC News and The Weather Channel

Meenu Vadera

Founder of Azad Foundation / Planeterra Partner

Branden Roberts

VP Business Development for TourRadar

Kevin Rushby

Chief Travel Writer at the Guardian

Joe Koechlin

Inkaterra Founder & CEO

Juan Sebastian Sanchez Chica

Tourism Specialist

Helga Benito

Parwa Community Restaurant Manager

Daniel Walsh


Planeterra is the world’s leading Community Tourism organization. With an ever-growing network of Community Tourism partners around the world, Planeterra ensures economic opportunities are created, places are protected, and cultures are celebrated through travel.

For the past two decades, G Adventures and Planeterra have been at the forefront of the movement to use travel as a force for good. By breaking down barriers and supporting communities to earn and income from tourism, we have shown that travel can have a positive impact on both the travellers and the local people alike.

Planeterra is also setting sights on new ventures such as Project 300. This is our newest mission to uplift over 300 communities through tourism. This means we’ll be tripling (Yes, tripling!) the number of community enterprises we support. From Mexico and Nepal to Iceland and Japan, Project 300 will, one day, reach communities all over the world.

$230,000 USD
Raised of $500,000 goal
Be part of the change

All funds raised through GX will support Planeterra. Join the movement for a better kind of tourism — one that benefits everyone involved and helps Planeterra transform travel into impact.

Visit Planeterra’s website here to learn more about their work and how you can get involved. 


Still got questions about GX? We’ve got answers.

At G Adventures we’ve always believed in the power of Community Tourism and its impact on our world. In partnership with Planeterra, GX is bringing together all of our communities for the first time ever to celebrate the positive impacts community tourism can present. Planeterra helps local organizations and communities use tourism as a catalyst to improve people’s lives, protect their natural environments, and celebrate their culture. In recognition of Planeterra, we will all be supporting this cause and helping uplift communities through tourism with Planeterra, all while attending the most epic event on the planet.

It’s two-fold: to connect hundreds of people from across the entire tourism community, and to raise funds for Planeterra — all while having the time of our lives!

Depending on your role in the tourism industry, you’ll be invited to participate in a multi-day trip where you’ll witness the power of community tourism in action.

Well, we aren’t there just yet! Let us know you’re interested in attending and we’ll have the right people at G Adventures and Planeterra contact you with more information.

The agenda for the event will be different for each group attending. If you are registered to attend, keep an eye out for an email that will share the schedule and key event details.

We’ll have different speakers throughout the event depending on what group you’re in. Regardless, everyone will have the chance to see Bruce Poon Tip take the stage along with a few other key speakers. More to come on that later, but keep an eye on our speakers page for more information.

Right now, GX is an invite only event but if you are interested in attending you can let us know here and we’ll be in touch.

While we would love to have everyone join us at GX, right now it is an invite only event for members of our travel community. If you are a member of the media and would like to attend, please reach out to events@gadventures.com and we can get back to you.

Yes, if you are interested in being a sponsor for GX, please reach out to us at events@gadventues.com

We’re sorry to hear you can’t attend but it’s wonderful that you would still like to donate. You can donate to Planeterra here.

For general support information, you can reach out to us at events@gadventures.com.

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